Once Upon A Time …

 It was a small red headed girl's biggest dream to tell her stories of misfits, magic and the spangled adventures of her little imaginary world. Growing into adulthood, she became Miss Trout and realised her dream through etchy inked tales and unique illustrations spattered with rose petals, glitter, glue, sequins and buttons. Not only did she love to write fiction of the most absurd and wonderful kind, she also campaigned and blogged her life experiences, detailing her passions for the causes most close to her heart. Her writer’s roots with a performers sparkle; a tarot card in one hand, a seashell of gin in the other, with a flick of her mermaids tail, scales twinkling in the waters , she can be found, living all her beautiful adventures lost at sea.

Life Outside The Fish Bowl is more than a just a little magic 💥