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My Muse

My Muse

πŸ’•My MuseπŸ’•#IAmMe

Having so much inspiration to take from Dyl makes my campaigning for autism awareness both really easy and really hard. He is such a scrummy little soul, telling his story is an absolute privilege but it also means I over analysis every detail of the #IAmMe campaign to make sure I'm telling it right, and educating accurately and proudly.

All whilst doing it with truth, love and a little Miss Trout magic ... πŸŸπŸ–€πŸŸ.

So it makes my heart skip a little beat when something as special and important as the #IAmMe schools project starts to come to life a little. πŸ’₯The interactive script is now ready to be workshopped and played with ... and I can't blinking wait!! πŸ’₯

Miss Trout as a brand began with my stories and writing. Then my illustrations followed. Becoming a maker of sparkly and beautiful things came next. And performing has always been integral to the biz. πŸ–€

But what I didn't know when I first began my business was just how much my passion for campaigning and fighting to make a difference would end up being woven so beautifully into all of the above.

Charity balls, the #IAmMe campaign and blogging our family's experiences has been a gorgeous extension of Miss Trout. And just as important too. Sometimes I wonder if I have too many strings to the Miss Trout bow but you know what ...each of them blends perfectly into one another so that's got to be a sign that it's meant to beπŸ’˜.

#IAmMe is about to start making a wonderful difference and it's going to be beautiful. Just like that boy below 🌟

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